Sunday, October 19, 2014


Yet another user of Griebel leichtbau lenses...Fotos courtesy of Mr.Elnef

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Bite me !!!

Just recieved this toaster as a birthday/xmas gift from Mr.P.Larsen.Perfect present for the guy who has everything !


This fixture designed for locking 30 hp rockerarms in place, when altering them for a higher ratio,was made by Mr.C.F.Jensen (aka. M-Flow). Rockers are cut,oil passages lined up,-heated to the correct temp.corresponding to the metallurgy of the piece,and welded.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Rarest of the rare..Fletcher Flair

This ultra rare Fletcher now resides in DK,-this U.S made 4WD "schwimmwagen" never made it to any production-line, but please read more about the history here : CLICK

Thing Update..Part 6 !!!

Wow,-Mr.M.F.Jensen is back !! Last time we saw some pictures from this build, was in 2005 I think,-Go check my archive ;) Mr.MFJ have been busy building house,a new garage/workshop,repairing other MIB members cars ;), etc. etc..But now this extremely nice "Thing" is being massaged again !! Paint was done by owner in the new surroundings.I remember writing something like : "this is going to be something special !" and just take a look now !! As cool as they come !!! :)

Pro Stock by Kiel

Recieved this "start of project" picture from Mr.T.Kiel. A new dragcar under developement.Lots of plasma-cutting already done to the type 3 fastback, previously owned by Mr.J.Dalsgaard's mother :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

For a good time, call ELNEF-2909..

Fresh dyno-numbers from Mr.J.G.Elnef and his brand new 2909 ccm type 4 engine ! 307 Hp/8155 Rpm and 312 Nm/6009 Rpm :) John has been through a very rough period, so to finish building a brand new engine combo( with all the f##ked-up parts delivered !!) is an amazing achivement,I'll have to say !! Some of the internal engine parts delivered, was not quite what John had calculated on using, but he decided to build the engine anyway,-and the dyno numbers ain't that bad :) :)

Project X...Still alive...

Mr.J.S.Dalsgaard drove the project out in the blazing summer sun, washed the vehicle and mounted a brand new dry sump set up,-So what's up with that ?.....We'll have to wait and see ;)