Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

" Drag-buggy 85 "

Bug-Run 3,1985. This is the buggy that later would be raced successfully by Dan Pedersen.The car was build as a project by some guys from " VW-Bugservice" in Nansensgade,Copenhagen.The "dude" behind the wheel is Dennis,- the owner of " Bugservice". Posted by Hello

" Reload "

John Elnef is getting ready for the race season !!! 71 mm. counterweight B.A.S crankshaft.B.A.S rods.Camshaft:Web Cam 86C. with straight cut gears from Pauter Machine.Pro-stacks from JayCee EnterprisesPosted by Hello

From B.A.S. lightened,balanced and polished.Extremely nice !!! Posted by Hello

The shortblock is now waiting for more "goodies". Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

" Single Cab "

This pick-up was owned by Rene Lokdam in the late 80's.The car was equipped with original safari windows and it was (also) used for towing Dan's buggy, back to the pit area,after a trip down the 1/4 mile. Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005


5-bolts Lemmertz ( Empi Sprintstars),- 300,-D.Kr....Oh,yes,that included cromed bolts :)(Danish auto catalog anno 78/79) Posted by Hello

The " white header " period

J.Dalsgaards T4 engined "killer" anno 79. Posted by Hello

" Green light "

Dan vs.Kim. Vee-Dubs are GO !!!!! ( picture ca. 1989) Posted by Hello


Dan Pedersen in his drag buggy.The car raced in the CA class at first, but later switched to SA.The power out back came from a 2 liter " 48 IDA" type 4 engine with app.180-190 HP.This combo resulted in some E.T.'s around 11,8- sec.This picture was taken in 88/89, but this buggy is still the quickest VW-based vehicle, ever buildt in Denmark.( Come on,Elnef !!?? :) ) Posted by Hello

The buggy "altered" for the SA class with frontscreen :) vipers and headlights.This picture was taken at Bug-Run, Mantorp Park 1990, where Dan raced his buggy to a first place and won a trip to Bug-Jam in the U.K. Posted by Hello

Danish Dragcars

This dragcar was owned by a Danish guy called Villy.At the 1990 Bug-Run in Sweden,he lend it to Kim Riishede.Kim used the engine from his own,at that time,wrecked racecar.The car originally was build in Sweden. Posted by Hello