Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Danish Nostalgia

Line up at "Essendrup Motor" back in the 80's.....How about that Civic ?? :)


This one's for you Mr.Tipsmark ;) H.Dahlbaeck,wellknown tunings-ace from Sweden, made this buggy back in the 80's. He had a pair of formula 1 tyres lying around,-so he cut some treads in them,and build this "car" around the pieces of rubber....Foto courtesy: Mr.Riishede.

T34 "Re-birth" part 2

All pictures in the "re-birth"serie is courtesy of Mr.Ole Thomsen.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Danish Nostalgia

Aalborg,the 80's,Claus Jensens Ghia project,....and ready to the blue corner,-"Rytme Hans" and Morten Jensen.
Break out the lead-bars...This car is still around,sleeping in a barn here in northern jutland :( Foto courtesy of Ole Thomsen.


Elnef vs. Skinne...the open car takes the win :)
Pictoresque evening shot...Foto: Per Larsen.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Danish Nostalgia

Bug-Run 1, 1984,- Michael Berg,Copenhagen was goin' for gold....Winner of the Cal-look category !! Foto by: R.Lokdam.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Danish Nostalgia

A bunch of vw- guys from the Aalborg area rented this garage for several years back in the 80's and early 90's. "Skovvej" in Nr.Sundby was the number 1 "hang-around" place at that time. From the left :JanJan,Morten Jensen,Me(Griebel),Torben and Thomas N. Foto:Per Larsen.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

In the works.....Marts 07 / Elnef

Mr.Elnef's 2,4 l. is just about ready for this years race season. The engine has recieved some "minor" mods, and this is "version 8" ! T4,-pretty robust stuff !!

High-grade link !!!!

Enter Mr.Gustav Tipsmark, a real hardcore Vee-Dub aficionado from DK.
Please check out his extremely nice blog !!! CLICK HERE !!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Project X files

In the works.....

Finally got the JM7 material and the Manley valves for my T4 heads.


Wax on,wax off......I've got people doin' those chores for me :)

Skagen 2006

This "line-up" at the entrance of the camp reminds you
of the "good ol' days" in Skagen, ehh ? Pictures courtesy of Mr.Per Larsen.
Mr.Tannheuser and yours truly ;)

Danish Nostalgia

Some of the guys from Copenhagen bound for Bug-
Run 1. This picture is from a place called "Storkereden",
and the year is 84. Foto courtesy of Mr.R.Lokdam.

Red:Dan(Pedersen ? ) Blue:Michael Berg. Yellow: ?

Dragracing/Sweden/The 80's

Mr.F.Reichel,Sweden. Fotos courtesy of R.Lokdam
Mr.C.Ebenaes (Trimco)