Sunday, May 24, 2009

Numbers don't lie....Part 2

Today at the "MIB-DYNODAY", Mr.Elnef broke yet another barrier....The N/A 2979 ccm type 4 engine pulled 300,7 hp/325 Nm at Mr.Laulund's dyno !!!!!!!! Dyno-chart is being published on this blog later ;)....more pictures from MIB : Click HERE.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Read all about it....

Danish company PFA needed a good lookin' classic car for a newspaper ad., and Mr. Riishede came to the rescue,-some modelguy posin' with the Karmann owned by Kim :)....Just can't beat the profile of a type 14 Ghia Sedan !!!

Thisted Dragway 16-05-09

Thisted Dragway,-First dragrace of the 2009 season,-unglued track,-cold and "windy" as he**...
Mr.Kirketerp and his "Dog" took the "Real Street"class win ( 12 sec.breakout) by running low 12's all day...Congrats :) This event was kind of historic in DK,-the largest number of aircooled VeeDubs to go head-to-head against the V8 guys ever :) Link : Click HERE !!

Thisted Dragway 16-05-09

Mr.Elnef : E.T: 11,49/183 60ft:1,75
Mr.Kirketerp: E.T: 12,01/?

Mr.Risgaard: E.T: 12,26/177

Mr.Bang : E.T: 12,14/177

Mr.Opstrup: E.T: 14,? (streetdriven car)

Mr.Dallerup :E.T : 12,19/179 ( 165/15 Firestone f560 tyres !! )

Thursday, May 14, 2009

High Comp....

Mr.Riishede is fix'n the last pieces in his engine puzzle....JPM heads for diesel ?? ;)