Sunday, September 14, 2008

Danish Nostalgia....

Back in 89' a guy called Tommy Nilsson published "Road Runner Magazine",-mostly US cars,but sometimes the odd VeeDub...these pictures shows Jacob Moeller (orange) and Per Rasmussen (blue) both members of Copenhagen Aircoolers back then.The RR Magazine was in the shops a couple of years only,-I think,-but I remember the issues with these vw's well :) Scanning by Mr.Riishede ;) ( The RRM's on the picture above was for sale resently on QXL)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

SCC 2008...(new pictures 5 sep.)

What a picture,ehh ?? Mr.Riished was on the spot !! :) More pictures from SCC,JPM,MECA in this album : CLICK HERE

The LSD eating bulldog.....

The "Black Bulldog" made it to the SCC this year,but the damn dog appearently got an appetite for ZF diff's.....:) Mr.Kirketerp only had one go at the strip before the diff. let go :( A spool maybe up next :)

Mr.Kirketerp hard at work helping out one of his fellow dragracers !! :) :)