Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well,- x-mas is over,and 2012 is just around the corner...I've been working a bit on these, now "bronze-bushing-no-slack-shaft" equipped, 62 mm. "Terminators" owned by Mr Elnef... Been a while since I've updated this blog,-anyhow...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU :)

Bring it on home....

Talk about "haulin'.." in style :)...Mr. Riishede got his cal-look project delivered to the new garage/workshop..
Really looking forward to see this build on the road !!!                                     click

"Tom K"

 Mr.Tom K took a little "break" from the auto-cross, and brought out this 80's "folkeræs" monster creation...Check out the intake manifolds on this beast :) :)

The Berg Brothers...

 Picture showes the handywork of Bjarne,-the wizz ! This is one of the taillight housings for Michaels oval... before...
 And after !!

 More of Bjarnes incredible work....the door was heavily "bent out of shape" after the accident,-now..straight as an arrow ;)
 The Berg brothers, Søren and Michael,have been working hard during the x-mas holidays..This is Sørens 54 oval ready for paint :)...It's gonna be a beautyfull looker for sure !!
 Sørens 54, ready for the marriage...floorpan/tranny parts already massaged back to former glory...
Michaels car lurking in the background...patiently waiting for the last parts,and a coat of shiny paint :) Very nice work,guys !!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

JPM Dynoday 2011

Mr.C.F.Jensen,Mr.R.Clausen and yours truly, took a little roadtrip to Sweden,-The anual dynoday/engine seminar at JP Motorsport was "calling"...Nice october weather,lots of cars on the dyno,people from Sweden,Norway,Finland,Denmark and Belgium,last but not least,-our host,Johannes Persson, really made our day in Helsingborg :)

New product from JPM,-the "Raptor Venturies"

Roller throttle bodies,yet another JPM product,on the "Screaming Mouse" car..

"The Man" himself, Mr. Johannes Persson, at the flowbench,-testing the stock IDA venturi system vs. the Raptor venturies.A gain of 19 cfm@24" in favour of the JPM product was at hand ;)

A dynoday visitor,-The NICEST type 4 I've ever seen !!!!

Xmas came early for this happy customer :)..Mr.Riishede bought himself some JPM goodies !

Please visit the new JPM page here : CLICK !

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The real deal !

Mr.Kirketerp has bought a new engine for his "dog",-this time a 2,9 type 4 (all new parts).Scat crank,Pauter rods,914 heads,Web cam,N.O.S. engine case (pretty rare these days),IDA's,etc.. Parts are currently being prepped for abuse on the strip ;)

The Berg reconstruction...

Just recieved these pictures from Michael,-the rebuild steadily progresses !! :) The oval has just recieved a 3-fold sunroof (cutting and welding,- courtesy of Søren,-Michaels brother)

Body parts "massaged" and ready from Bjarne "The Wizz" ;)

The oval waiting for further "straightening"...Go,Berg,Go !!!

Coming back to life...

About 20 years ago, a guy from Aalborg DK,Brian Larsen,hit the street with this "Mars Red" type 1.
At that time it was one of the nicest lookers around,-polished Wolfrace rims,Cobra seats etc..
The car was taken out of "circulation" in the mid 90's, and have since then been stored away in different garages.
Brian's older brother ,Per Larsen,who was out looking for a solid VW project,now has "rescued"
the vehicle and started the rebuild :)

A "sh#tload" of new brake/suspension/steering parts, etc. etc. and Per should be ready to go !

After this cars app. 16-17 years of hibernation, I'm looking forward to see it coming back to life ! :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

The New Look...

Mr.Per Rasmussen,Copenhagen, has got a new look on the Ghia,-changes for 2011 is,-wheels,black top,licence plates,steering wheel,etc...IMO as cool as they come !!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Elnef Racing

Well,-Pan,rollcage and top is painted and back in the garage..The car will appear in "test-primer" at first..John is anxious to try the new set-up this year,-the summer is short,and the races are few here in Scandinavia ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Finally, summer is here !! Mr.Riishede took out his lovely Ghia for the first cruise this year :)
Link,-click HERE

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Elnef Racing

New alu wheel wells

New improved rollcage

New florpan. Welded and ready for sandblasting and a splash of color....Owner is real lucky,-he knows a guy who paints for a livin' ;)

The Berg reconstruction...

Oh yes,-he will be back !! Mr.M.Berg is on the move...finding parts and gettin' them back in shape for the prizewinning cal-look oval.. Bjarne (workshop wizz and Michaels partner "in crime") has worked his "magic" on this decklid,-primed and ready for go :)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Techno Classica,Essen 2011

As always, visiting T.C. in Essen,with these two gentlemen,Mr.Iversen(Left) and Mr.Dalsgaard, was a blast !! This gathering of oldtimer and vintage cars and motorcycles on the 130.000 m2, 20 halls and 4 open air areas,never seems to stop being amazing !! More pictures from Techno Classica,-click HERE :)
Aircooled,-No way,but who gives a f#ck...COOL !!

Puma cab

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sneak peek...

The calender says springtime,but it's still rather cold here in DK..Inside Mr.Elnef's workshop it's gettin' pretty hot though...John is puttin' a lot of time/efford/money in his racecar right now.Frontend of the car is almost ready (bolt-lengths will be adjusted ;) ),-new lightweight brakes and special made rims are just some of the goodies...
Orig.looking dashboard welded into the car again. New floorpans/tunnel/framehead/raised torsionbar/framehorns out back :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


After seing Mr.Kirketerp and his "Bulldog" drag car(click HERE),break these ZF axels (just at the transition from the splines to the shaft..) several times, Essendrup Motor had a couple of these special welded at the weak spot,-Is this the cure ?..We'll see ;)....Link