Saturday, September 22, 2007

Swedish aircooled nostalgia....Part 2

This split was build and owned by CSP founder Mr.Keith Steinick,Sweden,back in the 80's. I remember seeing this car at some local "custom" shows here in Denmark,and it really "trigged" my passion for aircooled vee-dubs. Pictures are courtesy of Mr.R.Lokdam. P.S.:... according to a usually reliable source,Mr.K.Riishede ;)..this car is "sleeping" in a garage somewhere,-still owned by the builder.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Swedish nostalgia....Bug-Run 1..1984

Mr. ? ( Mr.M.Jansson in the "Headache" buggy ?? ) vs. Mr.F.Reichel. All pictures courtesy of Mr. R.Lokdam and scanning by Mr.K.Riishede :)
Mr.F.Reichel vs. Mr.?
Mr.K.Steinick vs. Mr. ?
Mr. ? vs. Mr.P.Kuld
Peter Kuld, Denmark. His buggy was the quickest car in Copenhagen back then...Powered by an 1800 turbo equipped type 4 engine.

Mr.K.Steinick vs. Mr.P.Kuld ( DK )
Mr.K.Steinick vs. Mr.F.Reichel
The "Trimco" bug.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Holeby Dragway,September 2007

Mr.Elnef captured in the " burn-out-box"....All picture from Holeby courtesy of Mr. K.Riishede !!
This very nice racecar ( imported from Sweden) is owned by Mr. Syhler. Large displacement type 1 engine with J.P.M. heads equals serious HP.
Mr.Niels-Erik ?? testing his "colorfull" 2332 buggy on the strip...

Denmark only hosts 3 ( maybe more, but hey... let's see your dyno-charts !! ) VW aircooled N/A vehicles with 200 + HP. Picture shows 2 of them !! ( Third member of the " club" is Mr.RK's "Black Bulldog ).