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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Elnef Racing

Vandel airport,DK...New personal best from Mr.Elnef...E.T 11,07 sec./195 km/h,60ft:1,59 sec !! Not to bad with a broken clutch,eh ? ;)


One happy Mr.Kirketerp...after months of waiting,the bus finally arrived from sunny California :) Among the goodies in the back of the vehicle,was a set of front safari windows...:) Cool ride !!!Congrats...

And the winner is......

Well,what can you say....after winning the cal-look class on the very first Bug-Run, 25 years ago,-Mr.Michael Berg did it again this year :) :) His ultra nice oval "cleaned house" at Mantorp Park !! Congratulations to you,Sir !!!! Lookin' forward to see you in the VeeDub game,many years to come :) !!!!! Some pictures of Mr.Bergs earlier cars : CLICK HERE..
This years Bug-Run winner in the Ghia class, Mr.Per Rasmussen,-This car is AWSOME !!! Check it out,if you've got the chance :) Congratulation,Sir !!

Bug-Run,Mantorp Park,2008

The K.D.P. gang and some swedish guys met at Mr.Burger,Vimmerby, the night before Bug-Run. All pictures in this serie,courtesy of Mr.K.Riishede !! :)
Mr.Brorsson ready for take off.....

Mr.Helge....trying his luck on the strip, for the first time in this car,and clicked of a 13 sec run....Mr.Riishede says :"Junior dragracers are not allowed to have sub 15 sec E.T's,-so this guy gotta be stopped immediately !! :) "

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back on the road again....

Yes, as Canned Heat sang in their 1968 hit : Back on the road again....!!! The Berg oval is alive :) Super nice job,Michael ( and Bjarne) :) :)

Dragracing nostalgia.....

The following pictures are courtesy of Mr.Tommy Nilsson,who has attended several raceevents, as an official, the past 20 years. All fotoscanning by Mr.Riishede, who also raced the oval on the first picture. ( Lindtorp 1988) :)
The ex.Dave Perkins car at Sko Uno,Mantorp Park,1991.At that time owned by a swedish guy ( S.Stenstroem ?? )
Udo Becker,DE, Atlas Raceday 1999.
Micke Jansson,Mantorp Park 1989
Not a racecar, but anyway...this roofchopped car was build by a danish guy,Henrik Kamp, back in 1989.Foto hails from Powermeet,Mantorp Park. Is this car still around ??
Dan,Lindtorp 1987
Dan,1989....Mr.Riishede behind the jacket !!! :) ( Left lane: Michael Malmgren,Sweden)
Dragracing at night, Atlas racedays 1999, Garderkesee,DE.
Dan,Lintorp 1988
Anders Fridh,Mantorp 1989