Saturday, November 14, 2009


A bit of DIY...these are 0,6 mm. polycarbonate,-different models comming up soon....;)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Danish Nostalgia....

1988,-Valdemarsgade,Aalborg...Mr.Frank Andersen showing off with a "mock-up" of his d.i.y. type 4 "4-2-1" header system....21 years later,this header might actually still be around here in jutland ;)
Monty Python had a "being eaten by a crocodile contest", but have you ever seen a VeeDub guy being eaten by a MK I Escort ??......Mr.Andersen survived this attack with minor enjuries...

In the beginning...part 2

Mr.Elnef and yours truly, spend last saturday gettin' this "donor" car back to Aalborg....Another piece of the puzzle that's going to be a new racecar for John...Don't let the look of the car fool you..New heater channels n'all :) ;)

The Berg Brothers...

This pretty solid oval,1954, is currently being restored by Mr.M.Berg's brother Søren..Lookin' forward to see the finished result from the Bergs :)