Sunday, August 30, 2009


Finally,-this extremely nice piece of machinery found a new owner here in Aalborg !! Congrats to the lucky MIB member :) Engine specs. from Mr.Lokdam (previous owner/builder) :

"1 new type 1 engine with many parts from Gene Berg bout when Gene was alive and running the business, all is new Everything is measured and assembled by SOB. Sven Olof Brorsson from sweden RIP All Berg parts bout from Mat Joy who bout them from Berg in 1993New orig. type 1 case bout in 1993 from Berg and modified by the Bergs with alu. bushing where the lifters are running Gene Berg 86mm Crank and Wedgematet flywheel done by Gene Berg ( forged in sweden)Gene Berg pulley and EMPI pulley small dia. Gene Berg welded fan Gene Berg rockerarms 1:1,4FK 46 cam with Magnum gears Gene Berg pushrods Gene Berg oilpumpe 30mm with CSP oilereducing walve, Berg come with too Gene Berg oilesump the wide one Gene Berg short intake manifolds for 48 IDA carbs.And they are match portet by Udo Becker and welded and portet by SOB. Carillo Rods 5,5" bout from Gene Berg. System One oilfilter, can be clean, never need to change filter again. New orig. oilcooler Setrap oilcooler with a fan. CB CNC portede Wedgeport heads with 2mm larger intake valves done by Udo Becker and with stainless Manley walves og JPM springs and Gene Berg locks and retraniers.Chanels done by Udo Becker. Udo Becker lightlifters made from tool steel Long Jay See 94mm Cylindre AA slipperskirt pistons. CSP alu. pushrods tubes withNew 48 IDA carbs with the 3 progresions hole from weber 1 3/4 A1 Side winder. Gene Berg breather box KEP Kennedy clutch the old green one. Kompl. MSD ignition system with Digital 6 Box CSP valve covers CSP linkage. Comp. 11:1 Never run 200HK+"

More pictures...CLICK HERE !

The Capstan Ghia...Part II

Mr.Riishede returned to the "mainland" for a second load of type 34 Ghia parts.......
CSP,-Watch out !!!! The Capstan ghia pulling a "handstand"... :) Powered by Mr.Iversen and Mr.Dalsgaard....

Mr.Riishede and Mr.Elnef showing their mock-up skills....;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SCC 2009

SCC 2009...Lots of nice cars and people,-the rain put a stop to the fun saturday, but the racers took revenge the whole sunny sunday :) Lots of fine 1/4 mile pulls from the Danish guys !!! Take a look at all the pictures,courtesy of Pernille, CLICK HERE !!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Burnin' the midnight oil....

Mr.Elnef "broke" his gearbox last saturday afternoon, during a 1/4 mile event at Thisted Airport,-and traveling to Norway for some r/r and of course, SCC at Gardermoen Raceway, the following monday,things were getting a "bit" hectic !! But John desided to give the repair a go,and thanks to a certain Mr.Dalsgaard :) and some new "internal" parts...the buggy was ready for a testrun sunday night !!!
Assembly of the overhauled box sunday that a tired but smiling face ? Think so.... video,click HERE...

The buggy ready for action again sunday night....Now that's dedication !! ;)


Not aircooled veedubs,but these guys,"Wrenchmonkees" from Copenhagen, deserve some attention :) Take a closer look at their blog/creations..Click HERE !!

SCC time again....

Well,-It'll soon be SCC time again....lookin' forward to some action on the super sticky dragstrip !!!
On the picture from last year,-Mr.Elnef,Mr.Lummus and Mr.Riishede :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Gejlus Maximus....

"Tannheuser Tuning" aka. Mr.M.Iversen,givin' the super rare original Oettinger wbx6 some "tlc" at the MIB summermeet :) Captured by Mr.M.Berg,KDP