Monday, March 01, 2010

For Those About To Rock.....!!!!!

Holy Moly !! Earlier this year,a shipment of pure-blooded VW-racecars from US arrived in Denmark,-The lucky new owners are Rasmus and Christian,-I've seen the cars "live",and "believe you me"..They are DAMN fine !!!! But,but...just as I post these pictures, a new deal is struck !! The "Still Fatal" car will soon be in Denmark too :) John (Elnef) decided to retire his trusty old buggy and try his 300 hp N/A type 4 engine in this beast instead...Seems to be an exiting 2010 race season for the Danish guys !! Good luck to all of you :)

Ex.-Lance Gregory ,-"Silver Bugget", -now owned by Mr.R.Kirketerp aka "Presidenten" ;)

Ex-Shawn Geers,-now owned by Mr.C.Ulberg,DK....awsome car !!!