Sunday, October 31, 2010


Back in the "swingin' 60's", a Swedish compay named Comfort Racing,offered goodies for all the racefans ;) ...Enlarge the picture from the store back then, and spot some of the cool VW parts !
More about the company,-click HERE ( There's a couple of nice tech. articles...;) )

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Craftmanship !!!!

Mr.Morten Iversen showing some of his great skills,working on this 356 cab....Some serious fabrication goin' on :)

D-Day 2010 at JPM Sweden...

Dynoday and "Raptor"camshaft seminar at JPM,Sweden..Picture courtesy of Mr.Berg......(more pictures later...) NEWS !! LISTEN TO THE SCREAMING 1915 ENGINE BY JPM !! CLICK HERE !!! :) :)


Stress honing fixture for carrera "barrels" ;)
The intake manifolds in their proper surroundings :)

Comming back to life !!

This picture was published here on "Torque.." back in april 2005...A project considered as far gone, is now back in all it's former glory....Take a look a the pictures below !!

Click HERE !!