Saturday, October 25, 2008


A new engine for Mr.J.D's ultralight aeroplane project is takin' form. 82x94 type 1.Nos crank,Nikasil cylinders,and these twin-spark,semi hemi cut heads( unshrouding the valves were done on the mill ) are just some of the nice parts on the table :)Link to Zenith Zodiac click HERE !

Autocross,-Tom K style.....

Text comming up......

Friday, October 03, 2008

VW-SPORT,Copenhagen ?? !!!

Just recieved these pictures from Mr.Berg/Dennis"Bug-Service":) Ever heard of "Koebenhavns VW-klub" and "VW-Sport" before ?? Me neather....Aparantly this club was formed back in 57 !!, and as the picture shows,it was an active club,with rally-events,a magazine,stickers,etc...Way COOL !!!

The "buggy-war" part II

Remember when we thought,that the 48 IDA's were "big" ? Well,- these 61 mm.( and yes they have been mesured !! ) Terminators from Sven Gehrs makes the old italians look ridiculously puny !! Mr.Elnef is loadin' the gun once again....The war ain't over yet,Janne A :)

Weightwatcher ?

Mr.kirketerp has bought a set of lightweight Erco rims for the "Black Bulldog".Hopin' to see a lot more action from the dog next race season :) The first wellington (click HERE :) ) equipped dane in the 11's ??


Mr.Brorsson was out testing his type 4 powered on a local strip....New personal best on the 1/8 mile : E.T. 7,59 (could be in the 11's on the 1/4 mile ? ! ) on an unprepped track !! :) Remember,-this is no trailerqueen,-car is driven to and from the various dragracing events. How about those stealth/blacked out genuine Mahle rims ? Herbert style :)
Once again,-TYPE 4 POWER !!! ;)


Meca dragstrip,Malmoe,Sweden,-Mr.Riishede was on the spot. This blown type 1,owned by Janne ? has been around for several years now.