Saturday, September 17, 2011

The real deal !

Mr.Kirketerp has bought a new engine for his "dog",-this time a 2,9 type 4 (all new parts).Scat crank,Pauter rods,914 heads,Web cam,N.O.S. engine case (pretty rare these days),IDA's,etc.. Parts are currently being prepped for abuse on the strip ;)

The Berg reconstruction...

Just recieved these pictures from Michael,-the rebuild steadily progresses !! :) The oval has just recieved a 3-fold sunroof (cutting and welding,- courtesy of Søren,-Michaels brother)

Body parts "massaged" and ready from Bjarne "The Wizz" ;)

The oval waiting for further "straightening"...Go,Berg,Go !!!

Coming back to life...

About 20 years ago, a guy from Aalborg DK,Brian Larsen,hit the street with this "Mars Red" type 1.
At that time it was one of the nicest lookers around,-polished Wolfrace rims,Cobra seats etc..
The car was taken out of "circulation" in the mid 90's, and have since then been stored away in different garages.
Brian's older brother ,Per Larsen,who was out looking for a solid VW project,now has "rescued"
the vehicle and started the rebuild :)

A "sh#tload" of new brake/suspension/steering parts, etc. etc. and Per should be ready to go !

After this cars app. 16-17 years of hibernation, I'm looking forward to see it coming back to life ! :)