Sunday, March 26, 2006

Project X files

One of the engines for the project, the N.A. 2,9 L., is commin' along nicely. A lot of things has to be altered for this "wide" motor,-fanshroud ( B.A.S),pushrod tubes,cylinder head studs,etc,etc. Posted by Picasa

The nos 48 Dells with homemade stacks and roller linkage :) Posted by Picasa

The Berg intermediate housing for that big ol' T2 gearbox... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Race ready !!

The finished header system on Johns buggy !! 212 HP is the number to beat...;) Posted by Picasa

Rolf's workshop....

Yet another T4 engine is born in the area....sweet !! Posted by Picasa

The Steroid Ghia....

Back in the 80's M.I.B member Claus Jensen started a KG project.CHECK IT OUT -CLICK HERE !! Claus and a couple of other owners never did complete the car,but a a point in the early 90's, in stepped another M.I.B guy,-Rene Brask Joergensen,who got the car fixed,painted and upholstered.The car was sold again,but still exists today,-sleepin' in a barn :(Pictures courtesy of:Rolf Christensen :) Posted by Picasa

At Bug Stop Skagen,which,by far, was the biggest VW meeting in Denmark for several years in the early 90's. Posted by Picasa

Rene recieves a 1. prize in the KG class at Bug Stop Skagen ( year ? ).Toastmaster is Torben Alstrup,by the way...:) Posted by Picasa

More 80's.....(and 90's)...

The next 10 pictures from the 80's are courtesy of : Mr. Dennis Hansen,Bug Service,Copenhagen. Posted by Picasa

The T4 owned by Dennis back in the 80's.Parts in the foreground are from his firm :Bug Service. Posted by Picasa

In this garage on the small Danish island Laesoe,Soeren and his brother( Michael Berg) were buildin' their cars back in the 80's.The split was owned by Soeren and the "cab" was Michaels project.The cab.was later sold to a guy in Copenhagen ( VW-Morten) who finished it, and called it "Hebster" Posted by Picasa

Frank Andersen at Mantorp Park back in 87.Wheels are Swedish made RCM. Posted by Picasa

Michael Berg at Svanemoellens kaserne back in the 80's. Posted by Picasa

"Pank" at Mantorp 91. Posted by Picasa

"Pank" at Mantorp 91. Posted by Picasa

Dan's buggy,Mantorp 87. Posted by Picasa

Dan's buggy,Mantorp 87. Posted by Picasa

Mantorp Park 87.The Bug Service delivery van ready for some action on the strip :) Foto: Dennis Hansen Posted by Picasa

This "Hot Shop" car was European record holder in G/MS back in 89.Foto:Dennis Hansen,Bug Service. Posted by Picasa