Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Shelby Cal 500"

Just helped restoring these Shelby 5.5x15/4x130 rims. Polishing was done in 3 stages,-coarse,medium,and fine by Larsen,Larsen and Larsen (Orla,Per,Carsten ) :) CLICK

Friday, July 13, 2012

Comming back to life...Part II

Well,-for the first time in app.17 years, this vehicle is "road-legal" again !  Mr. P. Larsen called me today,to let me know, that the first cruise was a blast with no troubles at all :)The car did put up quite a fight over the last months though,-it was'nt going to provide the owners with more fun in streets apparently :) But anyway,-here it is !! Lookin' good with the black'n'white historically correct license plates.  click !


 The Bug-Run team came up with a new thing this year,-an strictly aircooled gathering at the MECA dragstrip in Malmö,Sweden.The orange car above is Mr.Herrlander/Kenneth S.(?) new ride.A former UK car I'm told..

All pictures courtesy of Mr. Per Rasmussen :)