Sunday, July 31, 2005

In the works.....

Things are piled up on my workbench,-no more summer holliday for me ;) Posted by Picasa

My 69' Variant

Finally,- a set of British made MAG wheels and the new engine in the car.Nose down a bit, and I think its there ?! :) Posted by Picasa

text Posted by Picasa

Cubic inches.......!!

Well,one of the "god ole' boys" in the neighborhood is at it again !! A healthy 2,9 L T4 engine is on its way.As if that was'nt enough,a 2,7 L turbocharged T4 also is under construction :) Posted by Picasa

Arias pistons with low and teflon treated skirts for a turbo charged T4 engine. Posted by Picasa

T4 roller tipped alu. rockers. Posted by Picasa

T4 heads. Posted by Picasa

T4 heads. Posted by Picasa

T4 head with dual plugs. Posted by Picasa

Thing Update-Part II

Mr. MFJ. have been workin' hard during his vacation.All the welding are done, and the "top" trial fittet to the already finished pan.Nice job !!! Now get busy painting,Morten :) Posted by Picasa

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Monday, July 25, 2005


Not your everyday sight,eehh ?! Mr. A. Juel cruising the streets of Gothenburg,Sweden. Posted by Picasa

Way back.........

Mr.Frank Andersen and Mr. Hans Joergen Jensen ( red type 14 Ghia ) headed for Bug-Run 1,Sweden.1984. Posted by Picasa


Very nice interior on this notch !! Owner : Joern "Joebbe" Hansen, M.I.B. Posted by Picasa

Hands off !

A short guy trying to pull the door of a M.I.B. car ??? Posted by Picasa

Jimi Hendrix ???

No, not quite Mr. Hendrix, but a guy from the Aalborg,Denmark area by the name of Ole Thomsen.Ole was active on the Danish Vee-Dub scene from the late 70's to the early 90's.Please check out some of Ole's creations HERE !!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 22, 2005


Mr. Elnef and Mr.KIDJ, both M.I.B. Preparing for some action at Tirstrup Airport.This event "Air-Race" was held by VW-Klub AArhus. If you would like to see some small movieclips from this dragrace,please click HERE !! :) Posted by Picasa

Mats Herrlander, Sweden,broke his gearbox at this event,but with a lot of help from the VW Klub AArhus guys and Mr. Riishede/Mr. Berg he was able to drive the car back to Sweden.The picture shows the owner Mr.Herrlander and Mr. Riishede hard at work in the blazing sun :) Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

What the f... !!

Mr. Iversen and Mr. Kiel -testing the asphalt or praying ? Well, I guess you can find me in that position behind my car in a couple of days :) Posted by Picasa


The system mounted on my car.If you would like to see a picture of a real Abarth system, click HEREPosted by Picasa