Friday, October 21, 2011

JPM Dynoday 2011

Mr.C.F.Jensen,Mr.R.Clausen and yours truly, took a little roadtrip to Sweden,-The anual dynoday/engine seminar at JP Motorsport was "calling"...Nice october weather,lots of cars on the dyno,people from Sweden,Norway,Finland,Denmark and Belgium,last but not least,-our host,Johannes Persson, really made our day in Helsingborg :)

New product from JPM,-the "Raptor Venturies"

Roller throttle bodies,yet another JPM product,on the "Screaming Mouse" car..

"The Man" himself, Mr. Johannes Persson, at the flowbench,-testing the stock IDA venturi system vs. the Raptor venturies.A gain of 19 cfm@24" in favour of the JPM product was at hand ;)

A dynoday visitor,-The NICEST type 4 I've ever seen !!!!

Xmas came early for this happy customer :)..Mr.Riishede bought himself some JPM goodies !

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