Saturday, July 11, 2009

Danish nostalgia....

20 years ago,-the 15.october 1989,Mr.Dalsgaard took his racecar to a small track in Sweden.His "crew" was this bunch of VW guys from the Aalborg area :) From the left: Joern Dalsgaard,Phong(?),Keld Heilesen,Frank Andersen,Peter ("Bent Smoerhaar")and Thomas Noergaard.The "seeblau" notchback was owned by Mr.Hejlesen, and the "Condagr√ľn 2616" Ghia belonged to the guy who took these pictures,Mr.Morten Iversen....Brazil-wheels,zoomtube and all :) :)
Mr.Iversen checkin' out the exhaust ( to pass the noise inspection...2 clamped-on perforated sodacans !!! ) ;)while Mr.Andersen is busy on the front end of the racecar...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Holeby Dragway,juli 2009

1/8 mile dragrace at Holeby,DK....Mr.Elnef once again took the win in the N/A RWD class with an E.T : 6,91...Congrats !! :)

SOB memorial at Bug-Run

Cars lining up for the SOB memorial "cruise" down the dragstrip a this years Bug-Run,Mantorp Park.Sweden. Foto courtesy of Mr.Riishede.

Type 4 power...again !!!!!

At the second round of "Biltema-Cup",Thisted Airport,DK, Mr.Elnef and Mr.Kirketerp both obtained new personal records ! Mr.Elnef drove his 3 liter type 4 buggy in the 10's and Mr.Kirketerp whipped his 2,6 liter type 4 engined "Black Bulldog" to an 11 sec. ride !!!

Fast and Fitfy...

Mr.Riishede turned a sharp corner,-50 years "young" ;)- Ever heard of a guy gettin' a lightend gloveboxlid for his birthday ? :) Congratulations to you,Sir !!