Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here in the cold winter you're really lookin' forward to the springtime, where everything starts "popping" up again !! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU !! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

No more offerings....

This IRS spool should hopefully put an end to Mr.Kirketerp and his "Black Bulldog"s gearbox offerings to the god of speed.......cross your fingers ;)

In the works...

Mr.Kiel is preparing for the next race season....Type 4 power ( of cause !! :) ) big valve heads,massaged by JPM,51,3 IDA's,new MH dot slicks and frontrunners,complete rollcage and a rebuild gearbox loaded with "goodies" are just some of the new things.....Lookin' forward to see this combo on the strip !!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


A new engine for Mr.J.D's ultralight aeroplane project is takin' form. 82x94 type 1.Nos crank,Nikasil cylinders,and these twin-spark,semi hemi cut heads( unshrouding the valves were done on the mill ) are just some of the nice parts on the table :)Link to Zenith Zodiac click HERE !

Autocross,-Tom K style.....

Text comming up......

Friday, October 03, 2008

VW-SPORT,Copenhagen ?? !!!

Just recieved these pictures from Mr.Berg/Dennis"Bug-Service":) Ever heard of "Koebenhavns VW-klub" and "VW-Sport" before ?? Me neather....Aparantly this club was formed back in 57 !!, and as the picture shows,it was an active club,with rally-events,a magazine,stickers,etc...Way COOL !!!

The "buggy-war" part II

Remember when we thought,that the 48 IDA's were "big" ? Well,- these 61 mm.( and yes they have been mesured !! ) Terminators from Sven Gehrs makes the old italians look ridiculously puny !! Mr.Elnef is loadin' the gun once again....The war ain't over yet,Janne A :)

Weightwatcher ?

Mr.kirketerp has bought a set of lightweight Erco rims for the "Black Bulldog".Hopin' to see a lot more action from the dog next race season :) The first wellington (click HERE :) ) equipped dane in the 11's ??


Mr.Brorsson was out testing his type 4 powered on a local strip....New personal best on the 1/8 mile : E.T. 7,59 (could be in the 11's on the 1/4 mile ? ! ) on an unprepped track !! :) Remember,-this is no trailerqueen,-car is driven to and from the various dragracing events. How about those stealth/blacked out genuine Mahle rims ? Herbert style :)
Once again,-TYPE 4 POWER !!! ;)


Meca dragstrip,Malmoe,Sweden,-Mr.Riishede was on the spot. This blown type 1,owned by Janne ? has been around for several years now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Danish Nostalgia....

Back in 89' a guy called Tommy Nilsson published "Road Runner Magazine",-mostly US cars,but sometimes the odd VeeDub...these pictures shows Jacob Moeller (orange) and Per Rasmussen (blue) both members of Copenhagen Aircoolers back then.The RR Magazine was in the shops a couple of years only,-I think,-but I remember the issues with these vw's well :) Scanning by Mr.Riishede ;) ( The RRM's on the picture above was for sale resently on QXL)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

SCC 2008...(new pictures 5 sep.)

What a picture,ehh ?? Mr.Riished was on the spot !! :) More pictures from SCC,JPM,MECA in this album : CLICK HERE

The LSD eating bulldog.....

The "Black Bulldog" made it to the SCC this year,but the damn dog appearently got an appetite for ZF diff's.....:) Mr.Kirketerp only had one go at the strip before the diff. let go :( A spool maybe up next :)

Mr.Kirketerp hard at work helping out one of his fellow dragracers !! :) :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

500 hp transporter ??

Well,-dynotesting will show the numbers,but this delivery to Mr.Lokdam and Mr.Riishede from "Hot VW's by Brorsson" surely have some potential !! 2387 ccm and 2332 ccm( "The Knight of Denmark" ) for these gentlemen :) Engine specs. in comments below.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Red light district..??

Well, the guy from Sweden finally found Elnef, and the big bad buggy shoot out took place at SCC...and,ehh...Mr.Janne A. got his ass kicked !! ;) :) A couple of red light runs (11,50 ? ) was not enough to beat John,who came up second in the Street N/A class with an E.T.:11,33/187 only defeated by a certain plasma split from Finland :)... A tread on SCLF indicates that this buggy "War" Is'nt over yet...:) :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

SCC 2008....."Who's your blind daddy ?"

Just back from a very nice !! weekend at SCC,Gardermoen..Great meeting,nice people and last but not least GREAT dragstrip action !!!! Morten,click HERE,Rasser and Michael took a well deserved trip to the stage,where the speaker,Oeistein ( Thump's up for him,by the way :) ) had a very special co-speaker,-the callook legend Mr.Dave Rhoads. More pictures of the strip action later...:) HALLELUJA !!!!!

Mr.Rhoades is checkin' out Mr.Berg's 1776 :)