Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Reload"-sneak peek....

This 86x105 monster type 4 engine is gettin' it's fair share of "go-fast-goodies"...latest addition is these Pauter Super Pro racing heads.52/41 titanium valves/retainers,triple Vasco Jet springs and a flow at 300/240 !!!! cfm-0,650"lift/25"H2O, are some of the hard facts of these beautyfull hunks of alu !!!!

Oh,my knife sharp edges...( sorry,-insider joke ;) )

Cunningham rods

Saturday, January 19, 2008

In the works.....The Berg 54...

Mr.M.Berg,K.D.P, is gettin' his new car,a very nice oval, ready for some street action again.The car was,as mentioned in an earlier post, sleepin' in the back of a vw dealership,until Michael got hold of it.
The gearbox is a 1500 unit,-rebuild and ready for some traveling :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Swedish aircooled nostalgia....Part 3

Turbocharged Ghia-monster (Anders Fridh ??) I've seen this car on the dragstrip in many different "versions"..Always spectacular performance. Picture prob.from the early 80's.

Pretty cool (Sweedish ??) callooker...Pictures courtesy of Mr.Riishede/Mr.Lokdam.

Danish Nostalgia

The Danish "Buggy Club" at BUG-RUN 1 back in 83. "Rocker John" to the right !! :) Number 3 from the left is Mr. berg's babyblue looker....
Herning, august 85,-Mr.Hejlesen and Mr.Andersen far from home ;)
Couple of cool lookers back in 83 ( ?)...Green oval was owned by Mr.Lokdam.
Mr.Rene Lokdam,-picture was taken in 84...
How about this junkyard ?? All pictures courtesy of Mr.Riishede/Mr.Lokdam.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

M.I.B. "New-year-garage-gathering" 2008

Mr.Claus"M-Flow"Jensen was hosting this event, and thanks to his wife Ann,there never was any lack of cofee and cake :)
Claus is currently building this 2,7 l. type 4 engine for a danish customer....

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The "Black Bulldog"......

Mr.Kirketerp and yours truly ( two guys with no hangovers :)) started the first day of 2008,bright and early, in the "workshop". The 2,6 l. type 4 engine owned by Rasmus,was in severe need of some case/lifterbore clearing. A new camshaft,reworked "MolbeckPlus"heads, new header/merged collector are some of the "Black Bulldog"s mods. for this years race-season...