Friday, February 10, 2006

The 80's

Just recieved a bunch of picture from Mr.Per Rasmussen,Copenhagen.The pictures are all taken during the 80's here in Denmark.We start of with the man himself. 17 years old in his his first tricked out bug. Posted by Picasa

This baja ( the first in DK ) was owned by a guy called "Rocker-John". The scoop on the roof would take a 6-pack for cooling :) Here in Aalborg, some of the "old" vee-dub guys,are still telling "Rocker-John" storyes :) :) Posted by Picasa

A picture from "Bug Service",Copenhagen (the old workshop).One of the very first roadsters in DK was build by Dennis and crew.The car was used as a public prize in the magazine " Bilen,Motor og Sport". Posted by Picasa

Per helped building this chopped and customized 1302 complete with a 2,4 l T4 engine.Does this car still exist today ?? Posted by Picasa

From a Turtleball-Run :Front L to R :"batman",Karsten Therkildsen.Rear L to R :S�ren,Bent"totte",Keld,Jacob,Erik. Posted by Picasa

Avedoere Holme,-Illegal streetrace.Dan in the 1304 !! ( 2 l. t4 engine )Please enlarge the picture to check out the flared fenders and mag. wheels !!! Nice. :) Posted by Picasa

Roadtrip in Dan's 58 splitbus to a custom car show in Herning.From the left : Erik Bendix,Dan,Dennis ( Bug Service ). Posted by Picasa


Got this picture from John.The header is now ready for GO.........:) Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cool,Calm and Collected....

Mr. Elnef is currently in the process of building a new header.Lookin' good so far......!! Posted by Picasa

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Carlsbad 96

These pictures from sunny California was taken by Mr.Riishede back in 96. Posted by Picasa

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Mr.Berg of KDP anno 2005....! Posted by Picasa

Danish Delight !!!

Mr. Per Rasmussen,Copenhagen is the owner/builder of this beautyfull Ghia cab.All fotos by Mr. K.Riishede. Posted by Picasa

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