Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Line-up !

This year, eleven aircooled M.I.B cars was gathered at Mantorp Park. Posted by Hello

" Tannheuser Tuning " anno 2005

M.I.B.member Morten Iversen ready for Bug-Run Sweden. Posted by Hello

2110 ccm. Posted by Hello

"The Mike-K Variant"

Michael Karstens,Herning,bought this Variant in Sweden a couple of years ago and it is soon ready to hit the streets of DK. Posted by Hello

"Danish Fridolin"

Exile M.I.B member Mr. Lars Olesen is currently wrenching on this Fridolin ( the only one in Denmark ?! ). Looking forward to see it on the streets. Posted by Hello

How to dismantle a................... Posted by Hello

The hired guns helpin' out Mr.Olesen. Heine "Pirat-knickers" is puttin' his skills at work for sure :) Posted by Hello

The Fridolin gettin' some airtime :) Posted by Hello

The pan is almost ready with new floor halves welded on. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Mr. Riishede picking a nice carb from the famous IDA palm in California.This one was pretty ripe, and had turned 51,5 mm.:) Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

"Bug-Run", Mantorp Park 2005

The fastest Danish guy and number 3 runner up at " Quick 16 " dragracing at Bug-Run 2005 :Rasmus Kirketerp, M.I.B. Denmark. Posted by Hello

Winner of the resto-look class on Bug-Run 2005 ( Sweden ) : Anders Juel, M.I.B. Denmark. Posted by Hello

Winner of the type 3 class on Bug-Run 2005 ( Sweden ) : Joergen Hansen, M.I.B, Denmark. Posted by Hello