Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well,- x-mas is over,and 2012 is just around the corner...I've been working a bit on these, now "bronze-bushing-no-slack-shaft" equipped, 62 mm. "Terminators" owned by Mr Elnef... Been a while since I've updated this blog,-anyhow...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU :)

Bring it on home....

Talk about "haulin'.." in style :)...Mr. Riishede got his cal-look project delivered to the new garage/workshop..
Really looking forward to see this build on the road !!!                                     click

"Tom K"

 Mr.Tom K took a little "break" from the auto-cross, and brought out this 80's "folkeræs" monster creation...Check out the intake manifolds on this beast :) :)

The Berg Brothers...

 Picture showes the handywork of Bjarne,-the wizz ! This is one of the taillight housings for Michaels oval... before...
 And after !!

 More of Bjarnes incredible work....the door was heavily "bent out of shape" after the accident,-now..straight as an arrow ;)
 The Berg brothers, Søren and Michael,have been working hard during the x-mas holidays..This is Sørens 54 oval ready for paint :)...It's gonna be a beautyfull looker for sure !!
 Sørens 54, ready for the marriage...floorpan/tranny parts already massaged back to former glory...
Michaels car lurking in the background...patiently waiting for the last parts,and a coat of shiny paint :) Very nice work,guys !!!!