Friday, April 06, 2012

The Berg reconstruction

 And here we go...painted and ready for a little journey to the "assembly-line" on Fyn :) Lookin' mighty fine,Sir !!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"José De Murga Rodriques" or "Langeberg goes to Spain"

 Mr. Jan "Langeberg" Christiansen hooked up his auto-trailer and drove several thousand kilometers down to the sunny Spain, to buy a new project. The rare 52 Karmann convertible on the pictures had been put up for sale by Mr.Rodriques,the gentleman on the picture above. Jan hauled the vehicle all the way back to DK,and the "de-rusting" process is allready in progress. Remembering the "Langeberg Lowlight" Ghia project,-no doubt this will be a very nice follow-up ! :)

The Berg reconstruction..

At this moment, the Berg oval is getting the final rounds in the painters spraybooth The assembly will take place during this summer, so we probably will see this beautyfull looker back on the streets in summer 2013 :)