Friday, December 31, 2010


My trusty old wristwatch says it all...only a couple of minutes left of 2010...HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you !!

Ellidshoej Vacuum..."We Suck !"

A D.I.Y. vacuum/thermo formed ribbed taillightlense...

Danish Nostalgia....

This 66 "High-boy" was my second type 1,and the first car I ever painted,-way back in the stoneage ;)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bug-Run 1988

Mantorp Park 1988,-Mr.F.Andersen is doing his best Tarzan imitation :)

A forrest of pushrods...

A couple of aircooled engine projects and pictures comming up soon,but meanwhile,- here's a bit of non VW/Porsche related (really !! ;)) flicks.....Earlier this year I worked on this 2 liter Bristol engine for Mr.P.Iversen at the Porsche shop (

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Back in the "swingin' 60's", a Swedish compay named Comfort Racing,offered goodies for all the racefans ;) ...Enlarge the picture from the store back then, and spot some of the cool VW parts !
More about the company,-click HERE ( There's a couple of nice tech. articles...;) )

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Craftmanship !!!!

Mr.Morten Iversen showing some of his great skills,working on this 356 cab....Some serious fabrication goin' on :)

D-Day 2010 at JPM Sweden...

Dynoday and "Raptor"camshaft seminar at JPM,Sweden..Picture courtesy of Mr.Berg......(more pictures later...) NEWS !! LISTEN TO THE SCREAMING 1915 ENGINE BY JPM !! CLICK HERE !!! :) :)


Stress honing fixture for carrera "barrels" ;)
The intake manifolds in their proper surroundings :)

Comming back to life !!

This picture was published here on "Torque.." back in april 2005...A project considered as far gone, is now back in all it's former glory....Take a look a the pictures below !!

Click HERE !!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Brothers in....

Some building progress on the oval project, owned by Mr.Berg's brother,Soeren...It's gonna be a nice ride,no doubt :)..A bit of wolfparts helps..

Things that makes you go...

Carb trial fitted on one of the DIY intake manifolds..How about those carbon horns ;) Leichtbau...

Fanhousing for the "Klingelnberg Carrera" engine assembled,-Lot of air vanes and stuff "going on" inside on of these bad boys....

The true Dr.Detail !!

Well,-Mr.M.Iversen aka.TannheuserTuning has been at it about the mirror shine on this, pretty straight (G'damn flawless ! )356 Speedster !!

Bug-Run 2010....

A couple of pics from Mantorp..Late publishing,but anyway....Fotos courtesy of Mr.Riishede ;)

Another day at the office.....

The 906 owned by Mr.P.Iversen, ready for yet another historic grand prix,-this time Aarhus,Denmark.The sixpence equipped gentleman in the picture,-Mr.M.Iversen :) Wish you could hear this 906 with the twin megafon exhaust set-up !!!!!!

Friday, May 07, 2010


A bit of Carrera 4 cam intake DIY by yours truly ;)

"Still Fatal" in DK...

Mr.Elnef finally got his new racecar in the garage...It's lookin' mighty fine, -Can't wait to see John takin' this car to the 1/4 mile strip !! :)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Danish Nostalgia....

This front scoop equipped monster, was the very first build from the hands of my employer,Mr.Peter Iversen...Creating such a Baja-Bug, fortunately can lead to other aircooled projects,-just take a look at the workshop picture below...:)
More pictures from the Porsche shop owned by Mr.Iversen CLICK HERE !!

High grade link...

Oldschool tuning from TDE,Riechert,Okrasa,etc...Very cool German site...Go there..CLICK HERE !! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Techno Classica,Essen 2010

Mr.Iversen,Mr.Dalsgaard and yours truly,visited (once again) the worlds largest classic car show,the "Tecno Classica" in Essen,Germany.This show continiously amazes me...There sure are some extremely skilled "car-builders" out there !!! More pictures from Essen,-Click HERE :)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bin there,-done that ;)

"Spy-photo" of the new 2010 Python type 3 exhaust from CSP.....
My DIY merged collector system from 2005...:)

Monday, March 01, 2010

For Those About To Rock.....!!!!!

Holy Moly !! Earlier this year,a shipment of pure-blooded VW-racecars from US arrived in Denmark,-The lucky new owners are Rasmus and Christian,-I've seen the cars "live",and "believe you me"..They are DAMN fine !!!! But,but...just as I post these pictures, a new deal is struck !! The "Still Fatal" car will soon be in Denmark too :) John (Elnef) decided to retire his trusty old buggy and try his 300 hp N/A type 4 engine in this beast instead...Seems to be an exiting 2010 race season for the Danish guys !! Good luck to all of you :)

Ex.-Lance Gregory ,-"Silver Bugget", -now owned by Mr.R.Kirketerp aka "Presidenten" ;)

Ex-Shawn Geers,-now owned by Mr.C.Ulberg,DK....awsome car !!!